Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sound Wave

The recording session was incredibly sucessful. In just four hours, we laid down six or seven songs! I was so impressed with the focus and talent of the group, of our ability to work together and be creative, without anyone's ego flaring up - and have an incredibly fun and sacred time doing it. Of course, I shouldn't be suprised at all. These are the same folks who spent summers together caring for kids and trying to teach them something about our faith in God and Christian community. Those lessons seem to have sunk in. Anyway - there is still a lot of work to be done. We are going to add some percussion tracks and things, but we hope to have the cd produced and done in a few months. Not bad for amateurs!

In other audio news, Luke made a brief appearance on our favorite NPR show yesterday! The Diane Rehm Show, out of American University, is fabulous because Diane Rehm is just an incredible interviewer. She usually covers a current event or issue in the first hour of her show, and the second hour is devoted to something more cultural - an author or actor or book discussion. Yesterday's current event topic was the minimum wage. Have I mentioned here that Luke just had an article accepted for publication on this topic? Its his first solo-publication, and we're very excited. Anyway, Luke called in to comment on the show and got through. You can listen to him on the archive here, if you like. Its a good show to listen to anyway - it is likely that this issue may be coming to a ballot near you next November. Perhaps I will have Luke write a guest-post here to get further into it.

In even more audio news, the Sacristan is attempting podcasting. He has an mp3 up of his sermon on the Feast of the Holy Name. Funny... we both quoted Romeo & Juliet in our sermons. It will be a rare week when Fr Jeff and I quote the same things, and I'm sure his biretta is spinning at the thought. Of course, Micah points out that just about everyoen quotes Romeo & Juliet on this feast becasue its simply a great quote. Nonetheless, I'm excited for this... innovation... and if anyone has the tech skills to lend him a hand, please hop over and do so!

Finally, on a non-audio note, this is the week of General Ordination Exams. All y'all are in my thoughts and prayers this week. You're more than halfway there now! Good luck to you all!


Tripp said...

Why Romeo and Whatshername?

Hope said...

That's what I've been trying to figure out. What quote from the bard is especially appropriate for the last Sunday in Christmas? "A rose by any other name...."?

Susie said...

Yes, Hope, thats the quote - because of course, this year, the first Sunday after Christmas was Holy Name.