Thursday, December 29, 2005

Arts and Ideas

Today, Luke catches up with me in age. I am three months older, and we like to make a thing of it in the months between our birthdays. Well... I like to make a thing of it. But, today is Luke's birthday and now we are the same age again. Happy birthday!

To celebrate, we went to the Claudel & Rodin sculpture exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. We had quite a crew - Luke's parents, my mom, and Luke's brother and our nephew and brother's girlfriend, who are all here from New York. It was crowded at the museum, but we still had a good time. Art runs in Luke's family - his grandfather and an uncle are architects, his mom does a lot of painting, and his brother is a painter and a sculpter. They're good people to go to art exhibits with, and we had a great time. Plus, afterwards, there was ice cream cake. So all in all it was a good deal.

Tomorrow, a good handful of different people will be gathering at our house for a musical project. Some of you may remember that the camp Luke and I grew up at was closed recently. During our years there, some of our friends wrote songs that we sang at camp. Luke came up with the idea of making a CD of this music. So - he has gathered a good group of musicians to come over, and we'll see what we can do with four or five guitars, a tambourine, a drum, lots of voices, a couple of microphones and a Mac with GarageBand installed. Wish us luck!


Dawgdays said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Reverend Ref + said...

I'm not one for "family musical get togethers," but I think that that is a very cool idea.

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Oh -- and sorry about that Michigan game last night. Flashbacks of Stanford/Cal.

Susie said...

yeah. michigan game.

where were you ref?? they needed someone who knew how to call a game!!

Raisin said...

Happy birthday to Luke, happy singing, and grace & peace in the New Year!

Tripp said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!!!