Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

I think every day of the week should have several songs all to itself, so that I don't get that "Monday, Monday" song stuck in my head, just with whatever day it happens to be.

Right. Anyway. So, I preached this morning at my field ed parish. It was my first sermon at the big 10:30 service, and it went pretty well. The text is posted below. I've found that my sermon-writing is helped by a couple things: being in my own office space- with a door to close- and having an internet connection so I can bounce ideas off people on iChat. Unfortunately, I have neither at my field ed site, so this sermon was mostly composed on Saturday when I had both iChat and my own space to write. I did do most of the preliminary work at church, in a notebook. I mentioned this to Luke, and he said "In longhand? With a pen? Who does that anymore?" He was kidding... I'm pretty sure.

Tonight I am relaxing by reading a cookbook and going to the grocery store. I think good cookbooks should inspire you to want to make a big meal. The vegetarian-Italian cookbook I was flipping through had planted such a seed. I've already started to make polenta and risotto because of this book - and I think my next conquest will be souffle. Mmmm parmesan and artichokes. I'll let you know how that goes.

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