Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Just before my adult formation class tonight, I was chatting with a couple folks from the EFM group that meets Tuesday nights as well. One woman was saying that she was sad that both things were scheduled for Tuesday nights because she had hoped to come to the class I was leading. The other guy - who I've gotten to know a bit more - said "I thought so too, but you're glad I'm not in that class. I would talk all the time, and you'd always be saying 'Shut up now, Joe!'" I just laughed and replied that I doubted I would ever tell him that. But seriously folks. In my first adult ed series - which is 3/4 over - we have yet to get to all the discussion points on my agenda. And that is FINE with me. We have had great discussions, people are engaging one another, Scripture, politics... and I am so happy. I'm sure there will be days in my minsistry when I wish particular lay people would shut up. But I sure hope that I remember all those times when I was thankful that they didn't.

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