Saturday, January 15, 2005

Goin' To the Chapel

And I actually don't mean Seabury services!

I spent my weekend (well... Friday night and most of today) at a Marriage Prep weekend at my field ed site. No, I"m not getting married again - I did that once, and so far, I'm pretty convinced we got it right. This was for my learning goals, which include learning about sacramental preparation - Baptism and marriage prep/couseling in particular. At my field ed site, pre-marital counseling comes in two parts. First, the couple attends one of these weekends (along with other couples from church). We talked about sacrament and liturgy, there were a couple pieces on communication, some information about wedding specifics at the church. Then, sometime afterwards, they have private sessions with the clergy member who will actually officiate at their wedding. The couples really seem to enjoy the weekend - and recently, they've started having "reunions" from the prep weekends, so couples can share wedding pics and stories, and just reconnect. Its really a fabulous evangelism tool.

Luke and I had a very bad experience with pre-marital counseling, and I"m enjoying learning better ways to do it. Have people heard about other ideas that work well - either from friends or your own experience? Please, do tell!

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