Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Long Life

Woo hoo! Debra has a blog! Everyone go say hi! Long live blogging!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She spent her day playing bridge and going to choir rehearsal. Another family friend, who is exactly one day older than my mom, spent his day sailing in San Francisco Bay. His may seem more exotic, but hey - playing bridge might help prevent alzheimers! Anyway, when I am in my mid-sixties, I hope to be having that much fun. Happy Birthday Mom! Long live Moms!

The recent birthdays, and a recent chat with Si, have me thinking about mix CDs. Back in junior high and high school, we made mix tapes all the time. One of the first presents Luke ever gave me (long before we were dating) was a set of Classic Rock mixtapes. He was unhappy about my inability to distinguish the Doors from Led Zeppelin from Steve Miller Band. Well... he's still unhappy about that, but they were good tapes. Another friend made me a mix tape when she moved off to college, and all the titles of the songs fit into a long poem about our friendship since sixth grade. I still have the poem, even though the tape broke a long time ago.Anyway, this is a long way to say "Thank Goodness for iTunes!" Making mixes - on CD now, of course- is even better because you get to keep the mix on your own computer! So, in that spirit, as I got ready for work this morning I put on a mix I made for a friend last year called "Chicks with Guitars". Long live creative mixes!

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