Monday, May 31, 2004

Get it Out

I am cranky today, and someone suggested that I post all the things that are making me cranky so I can get over it. (He had a vested interest in making me less cranky). And you, lucky readers, get to partake.
Facts that Raise My Crankiness Level
- Its Memorial Day, but the seminary was open and I still had class
- Its the last week of classes, so I have a paper and two presentations due in the next two days
- My internet was down for a good portion of the day, so I couldn't work on some of my projects due tomorrow
- This week is graduation- and a huge number of my friends are leaving
- The weather can't make up its mind between pouring rain and sunshine
- Jane and I had planned on cheese fries all day... but the cheese fry place was closed for the holiday
- Did I mention that lots of my friends are graduating and moving away?

Of course, being the optimist, I can't just leave a list like that alone. Ready for list two?
Facts that Lower My Crankiness Level
- Luke and I became godparents this weekend. Our godson's name is Christian, and he is beautiful, happy and wonderful- all twenty pounds of him at five months!!
- I love my home parish. I miss it while I"m here, and it was great to be there yesterday
- Some of said friends (see first list) got together for lunch today. Mmmm stirfry.
- We sang "The Day Thou Gavest" at Evensong tonight, which I love
- I did finish two papers this morning
- Best of all, I have friends who know my crankiness so well they can make me laugh even when I don't want to

I guess life is pretty good after all! Back to work now.

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