Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Write Now

No, I am not giving up my blog for Lent. I am giving up caffienated beverages because I found myself way too dependent on my Cherry Coke. However, I am pretty much giving up the blog until the end of the term. But, to keep my lovely friends and readers updated, here are some of the things that are occupying my mind at the moment.
For New Testament: the relation between faith in works in James 2:14-26, and how that relates to Paul in general. (Actually, strike that- its printing as I type. yay!)
For History: the rise of Pentecostalism in Latin America, and (separately) education as a social movement in the Second Great Awakening. Did y'all know that Oberlin, my husband's alma mater, was founded as part of that movement?
For Ethics: Should Christians be involved in the political process, specifically voting? I'm falling down on "yes" here, and I think the liberation theologians will help me explain that.
For Preaching: How did Mary Magdalene react to the Resurrection?
Come Spring Break, my brain will be tired and full, which is usually a nice feeling of contentment. Until then, I will be typing away. I guess that is a kind of Lenten discipline too. Good luck to everyone else finishing up a term!

PS- Speaking of writing, congrats to Tripp on getting published!!

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