Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Scampering Spring

Bunnies live in my condo complex. We have an abundance of pine trees, which seem to be the perfect shelter for them, no matter what the weather. Sometimes on the drive between my garage and the main drive through the complex - a whole two blocks - I'll see as many at 5 or 6 bunnies in the summertime.

Forget robins, forget flowers: here, bunnies are the signs of spring.With these warm, sunny days, the bunnies have reappeared.

On my way home tonight from doing a presentation for one of our women's groups, I saw a bunny sitting on the corner. As my headlights turned the curve and landed on the little guy, he seemed confused. As my headlights continued to turn, he continued to stay in the lights - and scampered into the road right in front of me. He seemed to be simultaneously scared of the lights, but wanted to be in the light. Maybe after the dark and gray winter, he just hasn't remembered the difference between sunlight and headlights. Excitement and nervousness and lights turned him into one fast-moving bunny!

I guess thats how these early days of spring are for me. I've been waiting for this season, for the gray to go away for at least a few hours a day, to pull out skirts and shoes I haven't used: to enjoy the warmth and light. But this taste of spring reminds me that this spring might be the season that brings answers to some potentially big changes, or, it may be the season to discover that its not time for change. I don't know yet, but 72 degree weather fills me with the possibility of knowing.

Turns out, excitment, nervousness and light make for fast-moving brains, too.

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