Thursday, March 01, 2007


They say that March comes in like a lion.

So far today, we've had sleet, ice, rain, freezing rain, thunder and lightening. Its the kind of day that makes it hard to remember why I live in this part of the country. Especially when work committments have had me on the road quite a bit this week. The grayness, the coldness - by about this time each year, it seems to have seeped into my being, making me more edgy than I'd like.

But those same commitments have created a lovely space in my week that gives me this evening and tomorrow off, and the weather is a great excuse to order pizza, get out the fleece blankets, and just lounge for a bit. Already, the cold is ebbing, the crankiness subsiding.

With a little bit more self-care, the lamb may just show up by the end of the month.


Mark J. said...

Wow. Amazingly nasty weather all over the country!

I used to* kind-of like that sort of bad turn, when things got ugly for a day or two, and you could watch it all from home. Enjoy the time off, and watch the show, but be safe too!

*Past tense because I don't get to see that kind of stuff any more. We haven't even had a really hard rainstorm in ages. And it has been about a year since the last thunderstorm.

St. Casserole said...

pizza and resting. oh yes!

Spring will be here soon.