Sunday, March 25, 2007

Forget the Desert...

We had rivers in the church!!

Its been a full couple of days. Yesterday, somewhere between the morning baptismal prep sessions and my afternoon of children's communion instruction, we had a small flood in the women's room at church. Well, actually, not so small - the water flowed all the way across the hall into another room. Still, it wasn't all bad: since parents were attending the communion instruction afternoon with their kids, there was plenty of help on hand. Even better - one of the moms was way better at managing busted plumbing than I am. So, we did some clean up, while other parents got snack and a game going (Memory, but with pictures of things associated with Eucharist).

So, this week, I have no Friday Five "rivers in the desert" because I have had quite enough rivers, thank you very much.

Happily, I'm off to warmer waters and warmer climes for a few days, visiting my sister-in-law.

Did I mention that the flood went through the floor, causing all kinds of problems in the church school supply room too? Yeah. I'm so going on vacation now.

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