Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taking Names: A Playlist

When I got home last night, I was fired up from a meeting. I had plans, I had ideas, I had energy. Then I went to bed, and woke up to a gray & rainy day. Its so hard to be a night person in this work. But, I was determined to keep up some of that determination - and as I left, Luke called down the stairs "Kick some and take names!" So, I put my iPod on shuffle and skipped through to some songs for a bit of entusiasm with just the right edge of attitude. Here's what I've listened to so far:

All American Girl - Melissa Ethridge
I Will Not Be Broken - Bonnie Raitt
Do Something - Macy Gray
Thank God I'm A Country Boy - John Denver
Jonas & Ezekiel, Go, It's Alright - Indigo Girls
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Song of the Soul - Cris Williamson
Let's Go Crazy - Prince
Straight To the Point- Carrie Newcomer
Undo Me - Jennifer Knapp

Of course, I've been skipping several songs inbetween these - all Norah Jones, a couple that would be fun to listen to but really aren't so good for work, and anything from Into the Woods.

I think I need some more music along these lines. What do y'all listen to to wake up and energize for the day?


The young fogey said...

'Big Time', Peter Gabriel.

Jane Ellen+ said...

'Get Out the Map,' Indigo Girls
'Testify to Love,' Avalon
'Pink Cadillac,' Bruce Springsteen

There's more, but that's a start.

Tripp Hudgins said...

"Do You Wanna Be My Girl?", Jet

And, yes, chant.