Thursday, November 16, 2006

Simple Gifts

It doesn't take much to make me happy, and today was a very happy day: sleeping in, chatting about vacation possibilities over coffee, a little TV, new recipes that turned out well.

But the crowning moment of the day? Discovering this.

Yep. A punk-rock version of Lord of the Dance. We're having a youth group lock-in this weekend, and I wanted to find an interesting version of the song. Turns out I was sucessful - and now I'll be giggling all weekend.


Reverend Ref + said...

Back when we used to listen to CCM almost exclusively, I heard a heavy metal version of "Amazing Grace."

Wish I had that on CD ...

Ryan said...


Get that CD, as you wish. But your collection will be far from complete until you find yourself in possession of The Insyderz, a Christian ska band that records praise songs in a bit of a new style. I heartily recommend "Skalleluia"!! You'll be skankin' and praisin' before you know what's happening to you!


Tripp Hudgins said...


LutheranChik said...

I'm trying to imagine this...LOL!

Then again, my pastor does a rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" set to the tune of the Kinks' "Gloria." Imagine that!

Happy Delurking Week!

David said...

Hi Susie!
Sorry to hear about Bo, what a great man. Hope your Wolverines get another shot - WHAT A GAME!!