Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Read It and Find Out

I'm in that "inbetween" time at work this afternoon... normally, I would be packing up and going home, but we have a six o'clock vestry meeting. So, I feel justified in taking a few minutes to blog.

I keep meaning to do more reading than I do. I've never been a great academic, but in between planning activities for kids, making postcard reminders and attending meetings, I find myself missing seminary classwork. So, I was chatting with Trevor... well, see for yourself:

Trevor: played black eyed peas in class last week
Me: Nice!!
Me: how'd that go over? what'd you play?
Trevor: "where's the love"
Trevor: to go with on christian doctrine
Me: as in, Augustine?
Trevor: yup
Me: i'm sure he's rolling over in his grave
Me: i should get that out and try and read it again... i definitely didn't read it all for AKMA's class (editors' note: oops. Sorry, AKMA.)
Trevor: SUSIE
Trevor: that's the single most useful document from 150-1300 CE
Me: well, i read some of it
Trevor: nice save
Me: c'mon. i'm good at the diplomat stuff at least :)

Alright. So, the part I'm curious about is this: is De Doctrina really the most useful document? I'm not really sure. Of course, I can't really argue until I've read the whole thing. Nothing like a good argument to inspire me! But, in the meantime... what say you all?


Emily said...

Shh, don't tell anyone--I didn't get all the reading done, either.

AKMA said...

Aaak! urgh! u-u-u-u-uh. . . .

Well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that Trevor agrees that dDC is “the single most useful document from 150-1300 CE.” And no doubt you have already gone to your shelf and re-immersed yourself in your Augustine.

Kathryn said...

well...if it is, I'm up there with the non readers too. In fact, I have to confess I can't even get it from the shelf to plug the gaps. Oh, the shame of it! :-(

G. Brooke said...

AKMA: "...and re-immersed yourself in your Augustine. "

Old Testament Guy: (glancing up absent-mindedly from Akkadian love charms and incantations against flatulence) "In my who, now?"

Just wanted to hear him make that "urgh" noise again.

AKMA said...


Oh, don’t worry, Brooke, Susie; my heart isn’t broken, just torn a little.

Micah said...

I disagree that De Doctrina is the "single most useful document." Confessions is lots more useful in understanding Augustine, and in the way of understanding Christianity. Even Book IV is basically a rehash of Cicero and in any case it totally falls away in the face of Humbert of Romans and his Treatise on the Preacher.

Now, if we're talking about Biblical Interpretation... now that might be different. But even so is De Doctrina really more useful than De Principis?

Tripp said...

De Doctrina is the teacher's/preacher's book. I think that is how I understand its importance.

But who am I? I am a lowly Baptist who is concerned with only the current context.

Read Saliers, Susie.

Trevor said...

Micah, when are we not talking about Biblical Interpreation?