Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Light Blazes

Ex-tra, Ex-tra, Read all about it! The Rev Gals have published a book - daily devotionals for Advent and Christmas, including one by yours truly. Everyone should go buy the book! Surprise someone with an early Christmas present! Send it to your favorite priest! Send it to your favorite niece so that she knows that when she grows up, she can be a Rev Gal if she wants to.

There is fancy code in my sidebar, so you can continue to buy the book even when this post has fallen off the page.

Also, other fun people have written devotionals - probably some people that you know! So, even if you're not excited about reading the devotional I wrote, you should buy the book.

And, better yet, money from the proceeds of the book are being sent to Katrina relief. So, in case you missed this advice earlier, buy the book because its doing something helpful.

It hasn't quite sunk in that I'm published and I will have a book with something I wrote in it. But its sunk in enough that I am excited. Fabulous.

Later Editor's Note: I've fixed the link on the sidebar, so now you can really go buy they book!!


frog said...

If I buy it, will you sign it for me (or the intended recipient...)?

Mark J. said...

I have this strange, almost subconscious urge to buy a book.

McNair said...

Can't find your profile, but I'm a newbie in blog land. Found your post about my book "Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven, But.."

Thanks for the plug. Have you seen the book after "Heaven, But..."? It's called "RAISED IN CAPTIVITY, A Memoir of a Life Long Churchaholic" A light-hearted look at growing up in a religiously-addicted family (both parents were "professioanl Christians.")

Working on a sequel to "Heaven, But" , BUT... it's in line before my new brainstorming book (just sent off to agent, and another book about discovering your PASSION and living your creative spirit.

Check out my new blog when you have a moment.
& for the speaking schedule and to sign up for my email list which a distribute to NO ONE.

Onward, McNair