Thursday, September 08, 2005

What She Said

I have a lot on my mind today, none of which gets a post. I mean, I think organizing the teacher resource room for the first day of Sunday School is fun, but I already know I'm weird. Although, Jane, it'd be nice to have you around this week :)

So, since my iTunes is running anyway, I'll jump onto Beth's game. I don't have an iPod, so I'm making it an iTunes game. Ha. I love making up my own rules.

How many total songs?
479 songs, 2.1 GB. I need to upload some more stuff!

Sort by Song Title - first and last songs?
First: #41 by Dave Matthews Band
Last: You've Got A Friend in Me from Toy Story

Sort by Time - first and last songs?
First: (0:05) An mp3 called Sunday Voice that Mark sent me once so I could hear how he lost his voice
Last: (12:03) Faye Tucker/Philosophy of Loss (hidden track) - Indigo Girls

Top Ten Played Songs
1. Beautiful You - Considering Lily
2. Watershed
3. Mystery
4. Shame on You
5. It's Alright
6. The Wood Song
7. Least Complicated
8. Hammer and A Nail ... 2-8 all by the Indigo Girls
9. Come Away - Fran McKendree
10. Martyrs and Theives - Jennifer Knapp

Last Ten Played (its been on shuffle for about an hour)
1. Bare to the Bone - Carrie Newcomer (now playing)
2. Groove Is In the Heart - Deee-Lite
3. O Praise Ye The Lord- Hymns Through the Ages
4. People of the River - Fran McKendree
5. Elevation- U2
6. You Are My All In All - Nicole Nordman
7. God Bless The Child - Billie Holiday
8. The Yes of Yes - Carrie Newcomer
9. Sisters And Brothers - Free To Be You And Me
10. In A Little While -U2

Find 'sex.' How many songs show up?
not a single one.

Find 'death.' How many songs show up?
man. I am so boring.

Find 'love.' How many songs show up?
36: praise music, hymns, soundtracks to RENT and Moulin Rouge... and, of course the theme to the Apprentice!

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