Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Setting Up

I've been having some network problems at church. I haven't been able to access the shared drive or the database from my computer, which isn't a huge issue, but kind of a pain. So, our senior warden/computer guy came to my office after church one Sunday to try and fix the problem. It took my computer 20 minutes to boot up. I had just gotten used to that fact, but he happily decided that my computer was indeed too old and I needed a new one. So, I now have sitting on my desk a pretty new flat-screen 19" monitor, attached to a nice new computer on the floor. Its not a Mac... but hey, I have a new computer. I'm very happy.

So, I am setting up all my old bookmarks (I forgot to export them from the old machine. Oops.) And, since this is a somewhat mindless task, I am finally listening to the cds of a presentation by Phyllis Tickle on "The Stewardship of Time." She is phenomenal. I have been reading her book "Prayer is A Place", and enjoying it, but wow. It just doesn't even compare to hearing her talk. She is talking about the disciplines of keeping the Sabbath, spirituality, hospitality, corporeality, and Melchizedek. Ironically, I am multi-tasking while listening to her. I guess some messages take a few tries to soak in.


Mark J. said...

Everyone has nicer monitors than me! Argh!

Congrats on the new machine. You couldn't have talked them into a Mac Mini?!

G. Brooke said...

The very next time I have to set up my bookmarks, because of a new browser or a new computer or a new workspace or whatever, I plan to use

"Enough is enough!" I cry.