Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Inspired by a Quiz

Test-taking time is over in our house, that is, tests of a serious nature. Thanks to all who shared good wishes for Luke.

I have pondering of late this latent desire I have to go back to school again. Now, granted, part of this is related to how I just got out of school. And it is partly due to the fact that this is the first fall since I was four that I wasn't either in school or working for a university. But, even with all that aside, I still like to entertain the thought of being a teacher someday, which would require more school. Of course, if more school means furthering my plot to have a few of my academically-inclined friends all relocate to the same particular West Coast town and attend the same seminary consortium program... then bring on the books!!

One of the somewhat-formidable hoops for going back to school is all those dern languages they want you to learn. So, when Beth had this lovely quiz about Which Language I Should Learn, I simply had to do it!

You Should Learn Spanish

For you, learning a language is about career advancement and communication.
Knowing Spanish will bring you tons of possiblities for jobs and travel. Bárbaro!

The best part? I already learned that one! What an encouraging thought on a Tuesday morning in September.

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