Thursday, July 14, 2005

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Today is my first day off! Well, I guess not, really I had a day off last week too, but I was so overwhelmed that it was not a particularly relaxing day. I am discovering that "days off" are really "get things done" days. Today we are getting our new phone installed, we're going to the bank to set up new accounts, to the Secretary of State office to tell them where we live, and to Home Depot to buy some paint, and perhaps there will be grocery shopping and a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond in our future as well.

And yes, I said paint!! One of the joys of home ownership - besides the conspicous absence of cinderblocks - is the ability to paint whatever we want. So, we are starting with the dining room. We have chose a color called "Roasted Pepper" from Behr paints. Then, I think we're going to take a tip from a friend, and see what colors they have already mixed that they couldn't sell, and get one of those for the downstairs bathroom. Its just so exciting!

Then, tomorrow, back to work to finish Sunday's sermon... more on that later perhaps.


Stephanie said...

Ooh, nice color. We're painting with Behr, too: Poinsettia, Macaw, Marmalade, Midori, & Pink Chintz!

Frank said...

We are going to have to paint when we get in our new place too. The seminary is painting the place white. They offered to paint with our chosen colors, but it would have cost us a good amount. Sounds like a Home Depot project now!

Raisin said...

Roasted pepper - way cool. I want a job naming paint colors!

frog said...

That's an EXCELLENT paint tip. Good plan!