Friday, July 29, 2005

Loaves & Fishes

Those of you who know me well probably know of my love for Rachel Ray and her 30-Minute Meals show. My favorite way to de-compress at the end of a day is to come home, grab a snack and the remote, and watch the back-to-back episodes of Rachel Ray that are on every night. The show is truly inspirational: after watching her make two easy and healthy meals in under 30, I can't seem to find an excuse to eat a junk dinner out of a box.

This week though, I found a different kind of inspiration - maybe even a new excercise for my vocation. I want to have a lectionary-based cooking show! It would run once per week, and the recipies would tie into the upcoming lectionary. An hour long episode would include cooking a meal (duh, thats why it's called a cooking show) as well as commentary on the upcoming lessons - highlighting themes, that sort of thing. So, for example this week's lectionary might include a recipe like this Sicilian Fish Stew, and some quick dinner rolls. In the midst of chopping, we could talk about abundance, about hospitality, about physical needs and spiritual hunger. I just think it would be so much fun! And yes, Tripp, you could be a guest one week.

Micah though I should shoot an episode and podcast it - but I have a galley style kitchen, which would never work for a show. Maybe Rachel will let me borrow her kitchen?


Emily said...

Why don't you borrow a church kitchen? Many are usually pretty big and professionally equipped.

Quotidian Grace said...

Do you remember Jeff Smith? He was a Methodist (I think) minister who had a cooking show on PBS before the days of ubiquitous cable and the cooking channel. If memory serves, he did try to bring in spiritual themes along with the cooking. It's high time to do it again! Great idea.

Beth said...

I agree - and I like this way of doing it much better than my friend Jimmy's idea of a show where while the food cooks you do televangelism.

Charlotte said...

Terrific idea, especially on the feast of Mary and Martha of Bethany! By all means borrow someone's kitchen.

A friend gave me a St. Martha medal when I was confirmed ... I try to remember to wear it when I'm doing one of my "feeding the multitudes" gigs at the church ... whether I'm working in the kitchen or the sacristry.

So many of the Gospel stories involve food ... I especially love the one where the risen Christ gets the disciples to snap out of their shock by asking for something to eat.

(And I always think that being mindful about our food is a Good Thing.)

Raisin said...

You'd be great. You might convert some people! The rest of us could take turns serving as guests, official food tasters or homilists. And you could sing, too.

Karen said...

Yum...I would definitely watch as you whipped up a mess of pottage. Or maybe something with manna and quail?

G. Brooke said...

Ooh, if the lectionary includes any of Paul's sea voyages, you can choose a good recipe for "hardtack"!

Also, don't overlook Leviticus 1-7 for tasty tips on sacrificial offerings.

frog said...

I have a line on a kitchen you could use... ;)

Tripp said...

Emily has a great idea. Yes.

I would be happy to come play! Oooooh that could be fun.

Loads of breadbaking tips and fish recipies would make the most sense.


Anna said...

Hi-- fellow BlogPal, first time commenting.

Have you ever come across From a Monastery Kitchen or A Continual Feast? Both are cookbooks celebrating food and faith.

I have an old edition of From A Monastery Kitchen in which each recipe is surrounded with quotes from the Bible, saints, and poets. It's a joy to cook with.