Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Home Cookin'

So, one of my idiosyncracies in today's mobile society is that I am only living in my third town ever. I lived in the same town until I left for Chicago to go to seminary, and as much as I loved Chicago and seminary, the transition was pretty rough. I hated not knowing where to find a drugstore, what restaurants to eat at, and getting lost on the way home from the airport. Well, actually, that one time getting lost with Stephanie was kinda fun... but I digress. Last night was a great triumph in the area of adjusting-to-the-new-city. While looking in the phone book for a pizza place, I discovered that my favorite Ann Arbor restaurant - Pizza House - has a branch up here! So, I looked up the address online, and I even knew how to find it without getting mapquest directions! Within the hour, Luke and I were eating chapatis and discussing the new Harry Potter. I couldn't have done better if I'd made it myself.

In my book - as long as it reminds you of home, its home cookin.


Dawgdays said...

We had the exact opposite experience. We're back where we used to be, so we know where everything is. But we were all set to eat at a restaurant we liked. We went there, only to find that it had changed names, and had closed.

P.S. I like the new look!

Stephanie said...

That was fun.

Miss you.