Thursday, April 14, 2005

Performing Songs

I had a Trevor flashback in chapel yesterday. For the offertory, we sang a piece from Wonder, Love and Praise (one of the ECUSA supplemental hymnals) called "Hallelujah, We Sing Your Praises". Its an upbeat, carribean-type piece, and its a lot of fun to sing. We might even have had some drums? Maybe that was the day before. Anyway, the words for the first part of the song, which is kind of like a refrain are: Hallelujah, we sing your praises, All our hearts are filled with gladness I was all of a sudden struck with how singing the song effects what it says. You simply can't sing this song and not feel a little bit better about the world, and have a little more gladness in your heart. What a masterful piece of work.

(On an unrelated note, somehow the little link the blogger tool bar that says "recover post" is making me very nervous.)

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