Monday, April 18, 2005

Open My Lips, O Lord

Well, first things first: Congratulations to Jane, Jeff and Rebecca!! God was glorified at a beautiful and joyful service on Friday night, and there are three new deacons in the Episcopal Church. Alleluia, Alleluia!

Now, I need to get some writing done this week. By a crazy scheduling fluke, I am actually preaching three times this week!
The first sermon is for the regular Seabury Eucharist, this Wednesday. We are commemorating Mary Magdalene, a feast we have transferred from July. Her Gospel reading is the Easter morning story from John 20, but currently I have a line from the epistle running through my head - "The love of Christ urges us on".

The second sermon is for our "play church" class - the class where we take turns presiding at liturgies. This week is the play church wedding, and we'll be reading the Beatitudes from Matthew.

The third sermon is for this Sunday, at my field ed parish. It is a big Sunday - we have "Solemn Communion" in the morning, as well as a Confirmation service in the afternoon. The Gospel is from John, and includes Jesus saying "In my Father's house are many rooms..." and "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". This is one of the options for the Gospel reading at a funeral too. Perhaps I will talk about that.

Anyway, back to work on all this! Have a good week - and if i don't post much, consider this post my excuse!

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