Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sunshine, Just What the Doctor Ordered

Yesterday seemed like a totally normal day at first. But, yesterday, I had a strange thing happen to me: I broke out in hives! Honestly, I didn't really even know what "breaking out in hives" actually meant before yesterday. Things were going along quite well- I went to a new clergy Bible study group, did some stuff at the church office, met a parishoner downtown for lunch, got on the train, and went back to church. Between lunch and getting back to work though, my hands and legs started to itch. I figured I just needed some lotion - it was really cold, skin gets dry, you know how it goes. But, my hands were really red too - so I tried to wash them. Nothing helped! So, I went to the doctor. He said that it was an allergic reaction - but since I don't have any known allergies, it would be crazy to try and figure out what triggered all this. But he did say this- histamine reactions can be caused by something as simple as temperature change and cold weather. Translation? I'm allergic to the cold! I knew it!! California, here I come!!!

PS: He prescribed some allergy meds and I seem to be fine now. Still... I knew Chicago weather wasn't good for people!

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