Monday, March 14, 2005

Southland In The Springtime

Yeah. I know I don't live in the South. Thanks. I got that. And yeah, theres snow on the ground outside my window. But...

Seabury is officially on Spring Break - and, now that yesterday's sermon (see below) is finished and delivered, I am too!! Why is it that Spring Break has never lost that celebratory feeling for me? I celebrated last night by attending theOne of the Girls concert at the Heartland. If you haven't seen these guys yet, and you live out here, you really should. Its just a darn good time. Plus, that mandolin player is pretty sweet.

My other big event for the week is... (drumroll please)... my first trip to New Orleans! I'm so excited. Our friend Morgan, who grew up down there, is at Tulane Law School now, so we're going to drop in on him for a little bit. Only two days for me, since we're coming on up Holy Week - but still. New Orleans!! I'll think of you all while I'm eating beignets or listening to jazz.

And for those of you who don't make the connection as readily... the title is an Indigo Girls song - as a way of noting that I'm adding a link over there on that side bar. PPB left a comment a couple days ago, so I checked out her site... and I found this quote:
Real dream job? Singing ala Indigo Girls, Dar Williams kind of deal.
Realistic dream job? Senior chaplain at a small liberal arts college, with some secretarial help and at least a part time priest and rabbi.

Yeah. So I added her, of course. Welcome aboard!!

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