Wednesday, March 23, 2005


In the 1950's, NPR ran a series of essays on a show called "This I Believe". It sounded pretty remarkable - people from all walks of life, from Helen Keller to Jackie Robinson to Harry Truman to people none of us have ever heard of. Except for maybe those of you who heard this series when it aired. It was apparently a great sucess - and they're going to try it again.
NPR "invites you to tell us about the principles by which you live and the people and events that have shaped your beliefs in an essay to be considered for broadcast". So all you writer-types (yes, I do mean you) should check out "This I Believe" and pull out the old quill and ink. They even have some of the original essays to spark your imagination.

Its amazing what you find out, lying in bed and listening to NPR for an hour after you were supposed to get up.

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