Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hometown Happenings

So, its been a really long time. And I don't even mean since I blogged last! I am sitting on our couch watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals with Luke. My basketball-fan husband tells me its been 14 years since the Pistons were last in the finals. Then he ususally quizzes me on who the star players were. (Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars.. I forget the rest.) Anyway, much to Frank's disappointment, the Pistons are up in the series 2-1 at this point. We'll see where we are at the end of the night. Here is an interesting conundrum about the game though: Before the tipoff, Kid Rock came out to sing in the National Anthem singing part. Except, he didn't sing the National Anthem, he sang "America The Beautiful". Now, I happen to think that "America The Beautiful" is a really great song, and would be a better national anthem than the "Star-Spangled Banner". Why the switch? I'm confuzzled, but still cheering for the Pistons!!

(Apparently, the song-switch was good luck! Pistons beat the Lakers 88-80!)

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