Friday, April 02, 2004

Office Space

I am hanging out at North Shore Baptist today, temping for the lovely Ms. Trish. Its fairly quiet, but not too much so. I was a church secretary at a Presby church in college for a couple years. I wanted to be a secretary when I was kid. Then, in high school, we took these career aptitude tests, and one of the top choices for me was a secretary! Really, its all about destiny. Or Meyers-Briggs. Or something.
For those of you who wanted to be radio DJs (thats you Micah & Tripp!), here is a new radio station. (Warning- serious liberal bent ahead) Al Franken and some of his like-minded funny friends have launched Air America. Even if you don't agree with him, Al Franken is just darn funny. And us lucky Chicagoans can get the channel on our very own radios- AM 950. Happy listening!

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