Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Circles and Circles

I love procrastinating. Yesterday, I spent a great chunk of time procrastinating at the Art Institute. It is a very good thing to live in a big city, where I can go see Monets for free on Tuesdays. Dave, Stephanie, Carlisle (the three-year old), Robert H, and Andrew and I all hopped on the train yesterday, and spent some time down at the museum. Carlisle was in a great mood, and we had a good time drawing pictures and counting things on the train ride. At the museum, we met up with Nathan, Alex and the other Robert. We have to do a project for history, so after the boys took some pictures for that, we wandered up to the Impressionism wing. I LOVE the impressionism wing. There is a whole room full of Monet paintings, and I was a happy camper. I decided to get a ride back home with Alex, Nathan, and Robert, who had driven downtown. So we went to the parking garage.... or so we thought. First, we ended up in the wrong parking garage. Once we made it to the right parking garage, the boys still couldn't remeber where the car was - and this place was huge!!! So, we wandered around for an hour (literally, an hour) and finally found Alex's car. You know those situations that are fun for about 10 minutes, and then just get annoying? um, yeah. Luckily, its also one of the stories that we can use to make fun of Alex!
So, now I am working on my ethics paper for Trevor. I'm trying to write about the ethics of parenting - not reproductive technology , adoption, or anything like that. Just the part where you actually have the kids and are trying to raise them. Yup, I know I don't have kids... thats why I have the luxury of trying to write about the ethics of parenting without focusing on particular situations. I have a feeling this paper may come back to haunt me in several years. (Folks with kids, insert knowing smiles here). Back to work now, with this quote: "While he was making this defense, Festus exclaimed, 'You are our of your mind, Paul! Too much learning is driving you insane!" Acts 26:24

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