Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Off To See The Wizard

I am sitting in the Anglobaptist's kitchen, drinking my coffee, before I head off to day 2 of my seminary alma mater's Alumni Conference. The keynote speaker this year is Diana Butler Bass (see her books here and here).

Before I got here, I had the song from The Wizard of Oz running through my head, and I couldn't quite figure out how it got there. Granted, coming back to the Northshore and meeting up with friends can feel a bit like going to Oz - and the going home part almost always feels as conflicted as poor Dorothy was at the end of her time in Oz. And then, there are Tripp's ridiculous cats that I'm sure were actually flying monkeys in a former life. And this time around, there is a chance for a blogger friend first-time real life meet-up! *Waves at Emily!!*

But no, its not any of those reasons. It turns out that my subconscious already knew what I know now: Diana Butler Bass is a genius. Not because she has fancy smoke-and-mirrors tricks to help you grow a congregation in 3 easy steps!!! - because she doesn't. No, listening to her talk is really truly like Dorothy's trip through the magical land of Oz - I am learning everything I already knew all over again and in a completely new way, and it is a wonderful gift.

Back on the home front, however, please let me request your prayers for a small girl named Caroline. She is having surgery this week for a brain tumr, and we are very worried about her - and her parents. Please keep this family in your prayers.

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