Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Because its 105 degrees

Last night, we were supposed to go to the local baseball game with friends. But, we ended up cancelling. Because its 105 degrees.
I was gonna get my Sunday sermon fixed up so I could post it. But I forgot. Because its 105 degrees.

So, instead, I bring you the HOT off the presses: RevGal Trivia Game!! Yaaaaaaaaay! (*waves arms like Kermit the Frog*)

Go. Play. Have fun.


Mark J. said...

Is this a real thing? An internet thing? A buy-it-and-support-a-good-cause thing?

Or are we being facetious?

If you wan to cool down, I recommend a trip to Hawaii.

Dawgdays said...

*waves arms like Kermit the Frog

I can so see you doing that. :)