Friday, April 28, 2006

Culinary Conquest & Friday Five

I haven't played the Friday Five in a while, but before I get to that, a bit of procrastination in the form of shameless self-promotion.

I made meringue cookies! They're gorgeous, and nicely shaped, and lovely pale golden color. They're crisp and light, and not soggy on the inside. They are vanilla-flavored, with real vanilla bean seeds and everything. (Beth, I found a use for those left over vanilla beans!) I'd post a picture, but I can't find my camera. Still, this is a major accomplishment for me, and I'm just not sure the youth group kids will appreciate the milestone.

You see, I love love love meringue cookies. In college, I worked as a part-time church secretary, and someone there brought in these amazing cookies with chocolate chips in them. I'd only ever had meringue on pie (which, I also love). I asked for the recipe, as any good aspiring cook would, and gave it a shot. It didn't work out so well. Ever since, making good meringues has been a goal, but they always come out sort of soggy, or really flat, or they turn into powder if you look at them cross-eyed.

This time, I had my trusty Cooking Light with pictures and tips, and I followed the recipe patiently. It turns out that patience is a virtue, even for the kitchen. Now, if only I could be as patient and goal-oriented in the rest of my life and work...

So, on that note: Friday Five, Procrastination Version!
Of course, what I'm procrastinating has a huge effect on how I procrastinate. For example...

1. When I should be cooking dinner and just can't get up the energy... I watch Rachael Ray shows, or read an old Cooking Light. This has one of two very good effects. Either, I get excited about cooking something and I go do it, or I get soooo hungry looking at the food that I can't possibly cook and convince Luke to go out.

2. When I should be writing a sermon... read blogs. Its only sort of procrastinating! I'm sure to find inspiration somewhere in the stories of my friends.

3. When I should be doing just about anything at a computer... instant message. And yes, I realize that my IM is up most of the time. Who wants to wait around to start it up when its time to procrastinate??

4. When I should be going to the gym... naptime. Because, really, don't I deserve a rest before I walk a mile and a half?

5. When I should help clean up... TV. Or napping. Or any of the above activites. Or grocery shopping. Or going to the gym. Or, really, just about anything to avoid this one. I guess thats not so much "procrastinating" as "complete avoidance", but isn't that really just semantics?

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