Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Sing A Song of the Saints of God

My week is saturated with thinking about saints. We celebrated an evening Eucharist yesterday for the Feast of All Saints. Evening services are not common practice in this church, so it was small-ish, but still a good and holy time.

On Sunday, we will mark All Saints Sunday with baptisms, solemn Communion, and welcoming of newcomers. In the evening, we will have an festival with storytelling, crafts and games - all celebrating the lives of Saints and encouraging our lives as saints. I'm really enjoying planning the party, even if I did bite off a bit more than I can chew. Either ministry is going to increase my capacity to chew, or God better shrink my jaws so I stop doing that.

Anyway... my good friend Micah over at St. Jerome's Libary is thinking about saints lately too. He has a fabulous new project at called Communion of Saints - meditations (written and in podcast form!) on each feast day, based on the Episcopal Lesser Feasts & Fasts calendar. Micah is a wonderful preacher. Give him a listen - I guarantee you will enjoy spending a bit more time thinking about saints too.


Dawgdays said...

We sang that song in the little All Hallow's Eve worship I put together for my EFM group. I've been humming it to myself ever since.

Beth said...

Shrink my jaws - I like that image. Will have to remember that: "God, please shrink my jaws"