Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday Tidbits

I posted this over on Berkeley Farm Girl's Love and Cooking page... but I heard recently that dark chocolate has iron. I also know that raisins have iron. Some of you know that Luke is a vegetarian, and so we eat vegetarian at home, which means that getting enough iron can be a bit of an issue. Luke's answer to this problem is to take one-a-day type vitamins. I think my answer is going to be a big jar of dark-chocolate covered raisins labeled "iron pills."

Did you know that Ralph Fiennes is going to play Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? I think that could be good, but it seems odd to have a face associated with Voldemort now.

I am running my first wedding rehearsal tomorrow, for my friend Paul's wedding. I will not be officiating at the wedding, but the priest who is (another friend), comes in on a plane tonight and can't make the rehearsal. I'm happy to do the rehearsal - but if y'all wouldn't mind sending up a few prayers for safe and timely travel for the officiant and his traveling companions, that'd be great. I don't really want to step in and do a wedding at the last minute.

I have a whole bunch of links that I want to add to the side bar - some Seabury folk I haven't put up, links from Rev Gals, other pages I read... and someday, I probably will.


Beth said...

I am so stealing that idea... as soon as I find dark-chocolate-covered raisins.

I also don't know who Ralph Fiennes is. While I would usually rectify this by checking IMDB, I think I don't really want to have a face in my head yet.

Charlotte said...

Hello Susie! My doctor told me to have some vitamin C something with the iron stuff ... helps with the absorption ... so have a chocolate covered strawberry too ;-)

(seriously, it does seem to be more important when most of your iron is non-animal sourced.)

I have heard conflicting things about chocolate and iron (maybe the site I saw that said chocolate was bad was thinking of bad chocolate, not the Quality Dark Stuff) but I am down with the raisins.

Purechristianithink said...

My experience with wedding rehearsals is that you need to pray instead for the timely arrival of key members of the wedding party--one of whom always seems to be under the impression that the rehearsal isn't all THAT important and so waltzes in half an hour late.

peripateticpolarbear said...

how did the rehearsal go? I'd rather do the wedding than the rehearsal any day! You got the short end of that stick!