Thursday, August 04, 2005

Take This Sabbath Day

I wonder how long I could go if I only used West Wing episode titles for post titles...

Anyway. Its my day off, so I'm hanging out at home, drinking coffee and enjoying my fake-satin cheap Old Navy pj pants. I've already read through one of my two new cookbooks.I'm so excited about my new cookbooks that I've even sworn off TV for the day! I found an older Rachael Ray book all of veggie Meals! Then, later, I get to read through the Moosewood Celebrates cookbook that my mom gave me as a housewarming present. It looks awesome! There are three main features I particularly enjoy in cookbooks. (Besides, you know, good recipes. That should be obvious.) First, its good if they are vegetarian-friendly or, ideally, vegetarian cookbooks. Second, I really like it when cookbooks give me menu ideas - "Dilly Beans are a great side dish with Cajun Skillet Beans, or you could serve them with a Caprese Salad and call it supper", for example. Third, I like it when cookbooks organize recipes by season. My cooking tends to use a lot of fresh produce, at least when I"m on top of my grocery shopping, and seasonal recipes help with that. So, I was very excited to open up my new Moosewood book and discover that, in fact, it fits all three criteria! It even has a menu called "Summer Heat Wave Dinner Party!" Too bad I didn't have that two weeks ago.

Lest you think I have somehow reverted into traditional gender sterotypes, my day off will also include my first baseball game back in Michigan. It turns out that both my bishop and my canon to the ordinary are big baseball fans. And, Lansing has a minor league baseball team - the Lansing Lugnuts! So, the Canon is taking all the Lansing area clergy and their families to a baseball game tonight. It should be a lot of fun. I'm not actually a huge baseball fan, but going to a game is sort of like gearing up for football season. Which starts in exactly 30 days, for those of you who are counting.

Alright, there are errands to be done and showers to be taken before the cookbook reading commences. Enjoy your day, and may your next day off be relaxing and restful.


kate kamphausen said...

No, no, it's *real* satin, just made from fake natural-fibers! Satin is a weaving technique that makes the resultant fabric extra shiny - it can be woven OF anything. Silk satin, of course, is the best (and most expensive) and assuredly NOT what your pjs are made of!

Okay. Now we all know and can move on to Important Things!

Susie said...

oh, yay! thats so good to know - I'd always wanted satin pj pants, and now it turns out that i've had them all along :)