Sunday, November 16, 2003

Jet-Lagged Thoughts

I'm starting to adjust back to the cold, gray Central timezone. Why is it that jet lag is more difficult going east? We never got a good answer to that question before we left Hawaii. So, the trip. It was great. No, it was fan-flippin-tastic! Some things I learned while I was there:
1. Music that is well done makes a big difference in the spirit of a congregation
2. Being able to truly welcome others is the mark of a caring community
3. Laughing is good group bonding. Laughing hysterically is great group bonding.
4. Pay attention to true humility when you see it - it is amazingly beautiful, particularly in elderly Hawaiian women
5. Its hard to swim in the ocean, but "go with the flow" has new meaning for me!
6. People do still have visions, and God really works through them
7. The Sound of Music is simply a great movie, even if it is cheesy
8. Having faith in the one Church means knowing that not everyone who walks in your door will stay in your congregation, but you can help them find their church home where ever it may be

Thats all I have to say on this for now. I am taking a very long time processing this trip. I take a long time to process most things. But this week we will distill two weeks of stuff into a 45-minute presentation. If anyone is going to be around, stop by Seabury on Dec. 4th at 9am and see what we come up with!

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