Sunday, August 24, 2008


Thats what another clergy friend called these days you take off from work but don't really go anywhere. I've been skeptical of the idea that just hanging around the house can be relaxing or restful. How do you resist just doing all the house stuff you've been putting off because you've been at work? After our just-under-a-week staycation (yeah, this summer got a little crazy), here are my tips.

1. have a friend visit you. I recommend Dave, or A, but your friends are probably nice too. Its especially great if the whole visiting vibe can be laid back - walk to the ice cream store one day, go to the movies one day, have lunch at the vegetarian restaurant.

2. Go ahead and do some of the house stuff, because its actually more relaxing to have two rooms set up instead of in boxes, then to have the "to-do" list hanging over your head all the time. Not too much work, and nothing you really hate if you can avoid it (turns out, you still have to do the dishes). But fun stuff like spray-painting a bookcase for the guest room makes you feel accomplished, which is nice.

3. Friends are good visitors, house invaders are not. If a bat is going to fly towards your head while you are chatting with a friend in the dining room, be sure that you've already gone back to work. There is no need to ruin the laid-back summertime vibe with shreiking and swinging brooms and hiding under the dining room table. Just sayin.


Pastor Peters said...

sounds like it was mostly relaxing.. except for the bat. or maybe you're still enjoying this luxury? i hope so.

Adrienne aka "A" said...

You are the cutest... your bat-induced shriek was amazing. I thought you were yelling about a mouse and attempted to jump into a chair... that didnt' go well either. but the wallpaper peeling was cathartic. PS- I'm sitting in your living room right now while you practice Handel's Messiah with your 'grammy winning' choir. You are a stud muffin. Big hugs, A