Friday, March 28, 2008

Million Dollar Friday Five

This week's Friday Five from the RevGals is very simple: Name five things you would do with one million dollars. Here goes my list... with some catch-up on the side:

1. The house: Get the house we want, in the neighborhood we want, with a garage like we want. Yep, we're house-hunting! In Ann Arbor! My genius-faculty-to-be husband has landed a job at U of M! Sometime in the next few months, I really will be back in Wolverine territory!

2. Order frozen pizzas from Lou Malnati's. I love Chicago deep-dish, especially with sausage and garlic. Sadly, there is no reasonable substitute on this side of the lake. Whenever I go to Chicago, my nice friends indulge me in a trip, even though some of them call is "italian casserole." Such pizza narrow-mindedness. Why can't pizza be both/and?! Anyway, they ship frozen ones overnight, but its always been so expensive... but not if I had a $1,000,000!

3. Go someplace. We had a great time on our dream vacation last summer to Italy. We have friends with experience traveling in Japan, China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and South Africa - wouldn't it be great to treat our friends to a trip if they'll be our vacation planning guide?

4. Start a foundation. We have wanted a family foundation for a long time, and some of that million would be great seed money. I think it would fund projects related to children's health and education, loosely based.

5. There are these great hot pink patent leather sandals I saw at Macy's when I was in Boston a couple weeks back... we had a college roommate reunion weekend, and my friend A & I walked into this crazy spring launch party! They had a DJ, free champagne & beer, and models! Anyway, these shoes were amazing, and I haven't found them here at home. Anyway, with a million dollars to play with, I'd get at least one pair of new shoes!

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Singing Owl said...

Laughing at #2 and #5! :-) New shoes..yah.