Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google Calendar Can Haz Grammar

Have you discovered Google Calendar yet? Its our new family favorite. You can set up online calendars, for free, and share them with other users. The research project that Luke works on uses it to set up interviews and meetings. We each keep our indivdual calendars updated there, as well as a family calendar. I also run a calendar of continuing education and conference opportunities, and when I decide to register for one, I can simply switch it over to the calendar that Luke sees too. You can import from iCal, it has pretty colors, you can set it to remind you of upcoming events. Basically, we're very happy with it.

Not all programs are glitch-free of course. Those little reminders? Well, they're just fill-in-the-blank things, so they can sound a little funny. For instance, I occsionally schedule conference calls, and the reminder looks like this:

Phone: Mr Rev (Susie) is happening at 10:30 in phone

Google can haz grammar. Our family can haz organizing. I still think we win.

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Emily said...

That sounds very useful. David and I are terrible at calendarizing with each other.