Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sick Day Amusement

I've had a cold for two weeks now, but also a lot on my work agenda. Today, being the day before Thanksgiving and all, my pressing agenda items are complete, and I'm staying in bed. Sick days always sounds like they'll be fun, but really, when coughing fits interrupt you every few minutes, its less exciting. Luckily, the blog doesn't mind coughing breaks.

Yesterday was a day of mailings and copies. We have a great copier at my far-away office. Still, it has one feature that drives me crazy. When you press the "clear" button - it doesn't actually clear the settings! I'm not really sure what the function of the button is. Maybe there is some computer screen in another state that keeps going blank everytime I hit that little c. All I know is that if your previous job was 15 double-sided stapled copies, and you hit clear, and then try and run one copy, you'll get 15 sets anyway.

Happily, the comic people at toothpaste for dinner like copiers about as much as I do.
toothpaste for dinner


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Sorry about the cough. Wish I was at home!

I love that cartoon! Our office printer is way smarter than I am!

Dawgdays said...

Oh, so THAT explains what's been happening with our copier. :(

Get better soon!

Reverend Ref + said...

Maybe you need to hit the Clear button twice, sort of like double clicking the mouse or hitting the C button twice on a calculator to clear everything.

It could also be that the Clear button will interrupt your copy job, so that when you notice it spitting out that stupid colored paper, you can stop it before getting 50 red copies of the budget.

Just a thought. Get well soon and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

P.S. I really was rooting for Michigan against OSU.

Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

Aww, thanks Ref!