Wednesday, December 13, 2006


ABD: In academic circles (for those of us who don't really travel there), it means "All But Dissertation."

In our household parlance, it also means "Heck yeah, baby! Luke defeneded his proposal sucessfully!! Now all he has to do is write the damn thing."

He commented that it seems silly for people to congratulate him on this step, since all he gets is the privilege of writing a 200+ page pager. But the milestones are important, and yesterday's defense marked an important point. So, happy happy joy joy!

Next steps? Job hunting and disseration. Oof.


PPB said...

most likely dissertation, then job hunting. And academic job hunts are a total roller coaster, so it's good he has a wife with some semblance of normality to her job life! I know you're only there a short time, but you'll find something else quickly. What is he studying? Hey have you met (blogwise) Erica Shempler---she is also a newish minister with an PhD student husband.

Reverend Ref + said...

Way to go Luke!