Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All The News There's Time To Print

Vacation is a wonderful thing - nothing bad to say there. Wine country, nephews, good friends, swimming pool, ice cream, meeting anew blog-o-sphere accquaintance IRL, cedar point, family game of Apples to Apples, and Michigan starting the season 2-0.

Coming back from vacation... well, lets just say thats more of a mixed bag, with entries on "both sides of the ledger", as our church musician would say.

    When I got home, Heather moved much closer to me!

    People at church missed me. More specifically, small people missed me. Thats just a good feeling, no matter how you slice it.

    Our bed is just so darn comfortable.

    Church school managed to start, despite all the tasks I didn't quite finish

    We ended up with enough acolytes on Sunday, despite the fact that I forgot to schedule any for this week

    The super awesome church secretary moved a piece of furniture out of my office while I was gone that was too heavy for me to move.

    LOST Season 2 came out on DVD, and we joined Netflix, for our procrastination pleasure

    Staying in other people's nicely painted homes has inspired us to re-do our living room - and visit the new IKEA in our state. (Technically, thats a "pro" for entertainment, a "con" for finanical.)


    I'm so behind on reading blogs that I have no idea whats going on with most people

    My "lets move to California" energy is running high again

    Or, even my "lets move back to Chicago" energy, for that matter

    Taking the last two weeks before church school starts as vacation isn't the brightest idea, if "church school administrator" is part of your job description

    Things that weren't done before you left - they don't magically get finished while you're gone.

I'd say the score is still in my favor. I hope your day is as blessed.


ppolarbear said...

sounds like the score is definitely in your favor!

Anonymous said...

YEA! I'm closer!

DON'T move away... :)