Saturday, June 11, 2005

Only Six????

You can tell its summer. We're all out playing tag. Okay, fine, meme tag does not count as a summer activity. But nonetheless, I have been tagged again, this time by my friend frog. I just want to state for the record that this is an IMPOSSIBLE task. If you ask me tomorrow, it'll be different. So, in no particular order...

List your six favorite songs and tag six others to do the same
1. Tie: Hammer and A Nail or Wood Song or All That We Let In or Power of Two - all by the Indigo Girls
2. Be Thou My Vision, Episcopal Hymnal #488 (but there is this really good choir arrangement...)
3. How Can I Keep From Singing
4. Ordinary Day, Great Big Sea
5. Down to the River, Alison Krauss
6. As Cool As I Am, Dar Williams

And I tag: Frank, James, Jane, Beth, Mark and Whitley.

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